Banish those who would ban books – like McPalin

Even if she “just asked” about how the librarian felt about banning books, when she’d just taken office and requested resignations from all staff…even if she didn’t outright say she was going to do it….

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A friend left me this message the other day:

“So, why didn’t you warn us about Sarah Palin? You go all the way to Alaska, spend a week there and don’t warn us about Sarah Palin? What’s up with that?”

In an attempt to answer this inquiry, I queried my buddies in AK and did a little thinking about this topic myself. After all, my one week in Cordova certainly makes me qualified to render an opinion. Just as Sarah Palin’s proximity to Russia makes her qualified at International relations.

Buckle your seatbelts.

“Think a better looking Dan Quayle.”

This is one of the best examples of damning with faint praise I’ve ever heard.

In Alaska, there are not a lot of qualified leaders. She is a very simple person, with best intentions at heart. Not an intellectual by any stretch of the imagination, but these days, how many politicians are…She was not a real effective mayor in Wasilla though either. She is attractive and had very few enemies (which is not hard to do when you haven’t been in politics that long…)

Then, apparently she also tried to claim credit for the tax windfall, but that came out of a five year surplus she inherited.

An email I haven’t verified also states that she increased government expenditures by 33% while claiming to be a fiscal conservative. She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with indebtedness of over $22 million.

Normally, someone who forgets about separation of church and state (it’s in our Constitution, go ahead and check, I’ll wait….)

…and is ready to speak in tongues and claim a hotline to heaven is easy to dismiss. But then when they become “the Decider”… I get worried. You’d think I might be upset about Palin’s Pentecostal Past. Not as much as the other creepy, immoral stuff that’s coming out.


This story of Palin’s abuse of power and her willingness to run her public office like a power-hungry high school cheerleader or a lecherous sexual harasser, creeps me out even more. Asking the town librarian how she feels about banning books the same week you’re asking everyone for resignations to prove their loyalty to you is just morally reprehensible. It’s also illegal or at least legally actionable.

This story is worse than the list of books she supposedly wanted banned. (A false rumor, that was quickly clarified) The McCain campaign’s “explanation” reveals more unseemly info about her willingness to abuse power and McCain’s comfort level with that than anything else.

We should be talking about these issues instead of what church she belongs to!

As Joni Balter said in the Seattle Times, McCain wants this to be about personal narrative. Not the issues.

Finally, McCain’s demand that Obama apologize to Palin for the “lipstick on a pig” comment is just macho, condescending, pseudo-chivalry that reveals how little “about change” he is. Is she not competent to raise her own objection? I just want to say “She started it!” Her pit bull and hockey mom comment preceded Obama’s. But this childish tit-for-tat detracts from the bad news about the economy, the war, the corruption in the Bush AND the Palin administrations.

If Obama doesn’t seize the floor and force some debates about real issues, I swear, I’m gonna write in Russell Brand on my ballot. I don’t care if he is a Brit, he’s speaking truth. We let Bush run with scissors all these years and now the country’s in shreds and we’re dangerously close to letting McPalin succeed him.

There’s always Canada.

P.S. Oh, and about the gun handling, hunting issue: While in Alaska, I met a woman named Sue who showed me her snapshots of the moose she bagged. Her shop is called Sue’s Knives. Her moose’s head was as big as she is tall. Sue is not a small woman. Everyone in Alaska hunts. It is less than no big deal. Let’s go back to the issues.

And here’s another take on Palin, courtesy of the Daily Show. My source for hard news. You really should watch this clip.

I’ve got the ticket: Russell Brand and John Stewart. That’s the ticket!

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