Each successive professional reinvention (from lawyer to consultant to bus dev in hi tech startups) my cover letter “story” got more interesting. Interviewers kept saying “Yeah, I get why you want to work for me, but about this cover letter… you write really well and tell a great story here. Why aren’t you a writer?”

I finally got tired of trying to re-focus people on the interview for the job at hand. It occurred to me that the decision was sitting there slapping me in the face. (hint: Be a writer.) Next pink slip, next interview: “Okay, so I get what you can do for my company but can I ask you about this great cover letter?” (slap)

So maybe I’m a slow learner. Thinking back, I avoided the Iowa Writers Workshop right after college because I couldn’t imagine myself in Iowa. Still can’t. But, that’s not really the point here. Of course, they may not have taken me, but I never even gave the recommendation that was being offered any real thought.

I decided that social work wasn’t for me, and went to law school instead. Applied to only one school – Northeastern. I practiced for just under a couple of years then realized that it takes more than one thing to keep me happy for 80 or so hours a week. I thought I would look for the next best fit. On to corporate consulting. That was fun enough to keep me happy for 9 years.

My sense of timing is legendary. Someone once said if I didn’t have bad timing, I’d have none at all. I jumped out of consulting into the world of startups – just in time for the crash. I went from one to another, and another startup enjoying the seat-of-your-pants entrepreneurial culture tons. Some great, smart people out there and some – enh. Rode a wave of pink slips and eventually lost the ability to fawn over a not so bright young kid, with no common sense, enjoying playing with someone else’s money, enjoying the power just a little too much. That ability is not coming back, nor is my willingness to fake it.

Now, I answer to miscellaneous editors and the need to find the next paying project, rather than to some eejit in the next cubicle. Though a hungry kitten can be quite annoying, he’s way more adorable than any boss I’ve had. (And much smarter than at least three of them I can recall right off the top of my head.) Fast forward several years to now: cooking, learning about food, teaching people about food, following the food zeitgeist (which is not the same as watching the Food Network or Top Chef) and writing about it is my new gig.

In addition to food, I have many other interests. To my continued amazement and gratitude, people keep agreeing to pay me to write about these other things. Sports, films, travel, and a little fiction. You’ll find me elsewhere in the blogosphere writing about many things. This site is the launching pad.

Thanks for stopping by, do let me know what you think, tell a friend, especially if they’re an editor somewhere. Cheers!

And if you want to see the resume that launched the writing career, click here.

7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. 1 Mary Luz February 13, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    Hola chica- I like the new look and the site. Have been “developing” my own for a while now- need to get it going- before spring!

    Sounds like life is treating you well- for this I am deelighted. Hi to Caleb and have a feliz dia de San Valentin!


  2. 2 Bubba Yongue April 17, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    Jaqueline, I am more impressed with you as a writer with each article that I read and how diverse your subjects/topics are that you write about. You are truly amazing how easily you cmmunicate to us on such a broad range of subject matter;Food-Sports-Travel-Film-Gourmet Cooking-Etc,etc…You make reading your articles fun,entertaining,informative,balanced with facts&commentary and we the reader can tell you enjoy what you are writing about.The road of life has many twists and turns,the path you have taken has prepared you very well. Congradulations on your recent award Monterey Bay Aquarium Cooking Solutions,Sustainable Seafood,”Teach a Man to Fish” blog.Thanks for all that you do,the world will be a better place with quality people like yourself…Bubba

  3. 3 jacqueline1230 April 17, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    Thank you both so much for the kind words. I’m so lucky to have found readers like both of you who “get” what I’m doing.

  4. 4 courtney April 18, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    Somehow I can’t find the email you sent, but I read it and was so happy to hear from you. Sounds like you’re making your way just fine. Would love for you to see FR. It is showing at the Berkshire FF May 18 in Great Barrington, which is a bit of a hike, but worth it. If not, it will also be in the Lake Placid, Nantucket, Provincetown, and Newport Film Festivals in June. Wide release begins in August. Rob Harold came to the screening at Lincoln Center as did Dru Carey.

    Great reading on your website!

    Very Best,

  5. 5 jacqueline1230 April 18, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Sent it from Mom’s computer to address on FR website. Did you see the piece on you here??

    Will be in Nantucket. Please let me know dates you be there and maybe we can hook up. I’ll see if I can drag my family with me (husband, in-laws, Mom.)

    Also: if you can send me a schedule, (did I miss it on FR website?) I will post on this website, highlight in next mailing.

    Write to me at jacquelinec (at) verizon (dot) net with more info.

    Good work girl, and looking forward to seeing you and FR!


  6. 6 Nancy May 20, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    I happened upon your blog while setting up my own. I actually figured out how to post a “sign up to my newsletter” link that works on wordpress. I answered on the forum but wasn’t sure whether you would get note of it so here’s that reply:

    I just ran into this – the solution was to use the less-flashy TEXT option in the choices on Constant Contacts Site Visitor Sign Up Box Under My Settings. You can change the text to make it bigger, your choice of colors, etc. so you can make it stand out the way their “fancier” sign up choices do.

    Now, here’s where it gets interesting, to me anyway, because I am on this path of just doing instead of analyzing, “action while planning,” finding interesting contacts along the way, you get the idea. SO… Sounds like you are a Bostonian? Amazing that of all the wordpress bloggers I would happen up, I would find someone who is a writer, a Sox fan, and likes new business enterprise (but not those run by young’ns on power trips). Living on the North Shore my entire life, I do a bit of writing myself, which for the last decade has been on one pressing local need or another (Battle of Bedford Falls). I’ve just turned my attention to a whole new world, that of the rapidly-evolving triple-bottom-line enterprise. I am not a young, power-hungry flavor of the week ~ More like an approaching middle aged (and feeling it), absent-minded professor, who believes in “doing good by helping others” because it makes you happier than money and power ever would…

    If you are interested in checking out my website/blog, let me provide this DISCLAIMER: It’s only temporary and you don’t decorate a hotel room, right? The new, full-blown, Web 2.0 site is in the works…

    One last common trait, I am also a tried-and-true Sox fan. Among my top bragging rights, I touched THE 2004 trophy on the airport tarmack, seconds after it reached Boston, just hours after it had been won! Oh, and yes, I took a picture of my son touching it, too… Actually, my now 15-year-old son is one of the last of generations who suffered through the long wait for a championship, as he and I hid under the covers in 2003 when Grady put Pedro back in (did he not see Pedro do the “thank you, God” motion at the end of the previous inning because he knew, or thought he knew, he was DONE????). “If a mother of three in her bed knows to take him out, job well done, how can you not see that?” I begged of Grady (via the television screen, of course!). Ah, Ancient History…

    Now how ’bout that Jon Lester?

    Hope the info about Constant Contact helps and thanks for the momentary diversion from the more mundane aspects of starting my business. Nancy

  7. 7 Sara Hare May 23, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    hi jacqueline,

    nice to hear from you. yes, i have recovered from the oysters fest the last night and uwe from the bataan death march to find them!

    great to meet you. your site looks great!

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