These are screenshots of my work as it appears in publications such as Reuters, Chicago Sun-Times and more. Blogburst syndication doesn’t yet include actual URL linking, tracking or search functions. I’m including links to my original work so that you can see them, access the links in them and see what the buzz is about. Please note: this is not a complete list, but a representative sample.

The Chicago Sun-Times picked up my review of Fish Without a Doubt, Rick Moonen’s great new cookbook. See the review here in “Cookbooks Read, Reviewed, Reviled, Recommended.”

  • I also reviewed it in my gourmet food column here. That was a straight review. My blog article examined what makes a good cookbook, good.

The Chicago Sun-Times also picked up my “Breaking News – More Evidence Salmon is Heart Healthy.”

  • Photos include one I took of a bin of fresh pink salmon being unloaded at a cannery, my smoked salmon spread, and my home cured lox. Woo Hoo!

Reuters – Liked my piece announcing O Ya Restaurant Winning Top Accolades from New York Times’ Frank Bruni – We Won! O Ya Tops Bruni’s List

  • When Bruni announced he was scouring the country to pick the top 10 places outside of New York City that any serious food lover must try, I was thrilled that our neighborhood favorite was chosen as number 1. This article contains links to my earlier pieces describing Omakase meals in general and some specific dishes we enjoyed at O Ya, as well as my pre-opening preview.

The Cocktail Hour – This was the parent Chicago Sun-Times pickup of my announcement of a new column feature.

  • This feature has been very popular and I was to go to the big cocktail event Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Only severe jet lag and work interfered – next year! I did invent a cocktail to honor my fellow Boston Barflies in attendance. The “Thai One On” a cucumber-lemongrass martini.

Naperville Sun (Chicago Sun-Times) – Eat Cress Gain Wit

  • This was a great discovery of a whole new salad green from our farmer’s market. Curly Cress. Apparently, the Greeks believed eating it makes one witty. Perhaps I should stock up…

Reuters – Film

  • This was a quick hit about the movie Frozen River which Courtney Hunt (a classmate of mine from Northeastern Law School) directed. The original post I wrote about it is here and the post they’re running is an update after more accolades followed the prize at Sundance, it is here. picked up my first post following Slow Food Nation’s Come to the Table event in San Francisco. Read the original here, “Hello! My Name is Irony…”

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  1. 1 Marisa August 6, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    That is so wonderful! The screenshots are great. Nice that you were able to get the logo and the title together. Yay!!

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  • - Reuters, Chicago Sun-Times, Austin American Statesman, BBQ Report, Computer Shopper. See clips here.

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  • The Audubon Insectarium opens in New Orleans. See Getting Down with All that Skitters.
  • Copper River Salmon is so hot, even E!online is commenting on the stars who eat it. Taye Diggs was digging it.
  • Vertical farms? Colbert meets Ethicureans...heaven is for those with humor and ethics, yes? Interesting food for thought here....

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  1. Tales of the Cocktail may be over but the fun continues. Check the blogs and podcasts for all the news that fit to drink!
  2. The Maori art of facial tatooing is called moko. It is a powerful expression of tribal identity which has only recently enjoyed a resurgence as the colonial Christian prohibitions against it have lessened. Go to the Peabody Essex Museum for this rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of this amazing cultural tradition. The documentary I saw at Sundance years ago on moko, was one of the most powerful films I have ever seen.
  3. The Audubon Insectarium is a new and top-notch attraction in New Orleans. We passed by it and wondered why we'd missed it before. Turns out it's just now opening. No time this last trip, but it's on the list for the next time. Check here for info.

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